[R] rpart$where and predict.rpart

Chua Siang Li siang.li.chua at acceval-intl.com
Wed Jul 23 05:09:23 CEST 2008

   Brian, thanks for the prompt reply.
   I am quite new to R and have no clue on how to call internal function.
   Tried the following but failed:
   > .Internal("pred.rpart")
   Error in .Internal("pred.rpart") : invalid .Internal() argument
   > .Internal()
   Error in .Internal() : 0 arguments passed to '.Internal' which requires 1
   > .Primitive("pred.rpart")
   Error in .Primitive("pred.rpart") : no such primitive function
   > .Primitive("rpart-internal")
   Error in .Primitive("rpart-internal") : no such primitive function
   So, I copy the whole source code into my codes
   pred.rpart <- function(fit, x) {

       frame <- fit$frame
       nc <- frame[, c('ncompete', 'nsurrogate')]
   but still have error msg:
   >   where <- pred.rpart(mod, newdata=as.matrix(xLost))
   Error in pred.rpart(mod, newdata = as.matrix(xLost)) :
     unused argument(s) (newdata = c("1335.0", "1335.0", "1335.0", "1335.0",
   Btw, my predict function is ok.
   >  predictLost <- predict(mod, newdata=data.frame(y=yLost, x=xLost))
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   On Tue, 22 Jul 2008, Chua Siang Li wrote:
   > Hello there. I have fitted a rpart model.
   > > rpartModel <- rpart(y~., data=data.frame(y=y,x=x),method="class", ....)
   > and can use rpart$where to find out the terminal nodes that each
   > observations belongs.
   > Now, I have a set of new data and used predict.rpart which seems to give
   > only the predicted value with no information similar to rpart$where.
   > May I know how to find out the terminal nodes that each new observations
   > belongs to?
   You need to read the code to answer questions about internals. A very
   quick glance at predict.rpart would have told you that
   where <- pred.rpart(object, rpart.matrix(newdata))
   is what you are looking for. (Note that pred.rpart like many other
   internal functions is not exported from the name space.)
   > Many thanks.
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