[R] instal tar.gz package on windows

Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz at comcast.net
Thu Jul 31 23:05:58 CEST 2008

on 07/31/2008 03:07 PM georgiana onicescu wrote:
> Dear HelpeRs, I have created a tar.gz package (the package was
> created on unix) and I would like to install it in R on a Windows
> operating system. As far as I know, R in Windows accepts only
> packages in zip file for installation and I could not find a way to
> install a tar.gz file. I would like to mention that I  installed the
> package on unix using install.packages and it works. I also tried to
> decompress the tar.gz file and create a zip file but the installation
> of the resulting zip files gives me errors. Any help would be greatly
> appreciated, Thank you, Georgiana

If you are going to be cross-building, you should read this article:

“Building Microsoft Windows Versions of R and R packages under Intel 
Linux”  by Jun Yan and A. J. Ross


Also see Section 3.1.9 in the R Admin Manual:


I have not done this myself, so I would have to defer to others relative 
to any gotchas. Much of any complexity will likely be based upon whether 
you have any compiled code (eg. C or FORTRAN) or just R code.

In addition, if you truly mean Unix (eg. Solaris, AIX, etc.) and not 
Linux, that will likely introduce other issues, but again, I defer to 


Marc Schwartz

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