[R] How to set directory Rscript runs in/Sweave output directory

Paul.Rustomji at csiro.au Paul.Rustomji at csiro.au
Mon Jul 28 08:08:58 CEST 2008


I am using Sweave to generate some pdf reports using R on a Windows
platform and would like to control the output directory that the
generated .tex file goes to.  Basically I use the following commands in
a batch file:

set outdir=c:/output/1234

Rscript -e Sweave('C:/pathpathpath/script.Rnw')

Which produces script.tex

Sweave has the option of specifying an output directory for figures, but
the .tex file is always created in the directory that the Rscript
command was initiated in via the batch file.  So my questions are thus:

1.  Can Rscript be invoked in a nominated directory (ie %outdir%) from
within a batchfile
2.  Or Can Sweave direct the .tex output file to a nominated directory?

I have tried Rscript -e setwd(shell('echo %outdir%',intern=T)) -e

to change the current working directory to %outdir% before invoking
Sweave but this doesn't seem to work in batch mode.


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