[R] Marking Interval Length

jim holtman jholtman at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 23:54:31 CEST 2008

The original example that you sent was in the long format:

> brkdn(intervals~country,jymint.df,num.desc=c("mean","median"))

Breakdown of intervals by country
     Level       mean     median
        au       0.01          0
        br      -0.07          1
        cn      -0.32          2
        in       0.31         -1
        us       -0.4          7
> head(jymint.df,20)
     country intervals
au1       au        65
au2       au       -54
au3       au        27
au4       au       -35
au5       au        23
au6       au        29
au7       au        -4
au8       au       -49
au9       au        42
au10      au       -48
au11      au        51
au12      au        27
au13      au       -11
au14      au         0
au15      au       -37
au16      au        33
au17      au       -32
au18      au       -12

It was not clear exactly how you wanted to come up with the intervals,
but if you want to do them by country, then the logical place to start
is the long format.  Can you provide and example of exactly what you
would be doing with the data to get the intervals.  It is hard to tell
from a "word" description what type of data transformations you would
like to do.  Take a small subset of the data and show what the
before/after objects might look like.

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