[R] Saving a workspace with "extras"?

J.delasHeras at ed.ac.uk J.delasHeras at ed.ac.uk
Fri Jul 25 16:27:41 CEST 2008

Hi everyone,

I hope there's a simple way to achieve what I want, but I haven't  
found the way.

I do microarray analysis using R and a number of packages as well as  
some functions created my myself.
When I save the workspace, it saves all the data structures, that's  
great... But when I click (I'm on Windows XP, if it matters) on teh  
resulting .RData file, I have to reload the functions I made, as well  
as the relevant packages. It is not really a big deal, but sometimes I  
want to give a colleague something I'm working on, and it would be a  
lot easier to just give the .RData file, without adding the extras.  
Especially when it comes to my own functions. I was hoping they'd be  
saved, because I see them listed after 'ls()' but they're not.

I'm starting to suspect that this is another reason why people build  
packages... but it seems a bit involved, especially in Windows. I was  
shown how to do it in Linux and it wasn't painful, but in Windows...  
ouch. Tried and failed repeatedly. Gave up.

Any comments appreciated!


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