[R] Installing R packages in Textmate

Don MacQueen macq at llnl.gov
Fri Jul 25 01:03:42 CEST 2008

Perhaps this has something to do with it...

>   getOption("pkgType")
[1] "mac.binary"

whereas you have "MacBinary". But binary is the default in OS X, so 
why specify it at all?

Is there some reason why you need to specify both repos and 
contriburl in order to get ade4? A simple
works for me. Indeed, I don't know of any case where a simple 
install.packages('packagename') has installed the wrong version for 
me. I've never needed to use the installWithVers option, so unless 
you have a specific and understood reason for using it, I'd suggest 
not using it.

There's no reason I can think of why Textmate would have anything to 
do with it; it's a text editor.  I think you may have given yourself 
a red herring.  R is in charge of package installation.


At 3:09 PM -0700 7/24/08, Arthur Roberts wrote:
>To Whom It May Concern:
>I need to use various packages in R and I also want to use Textmate.  
>Problem 1: Textmate doesn't seem to recognize the packages that are 
>already installed on R. Problem 2:
>When I execute the following command:
>install.packages("ade4", repos="http:// cran.r-project.org", 
>contriburl = contrib.url( "http:// 
>streaming.stat.iastate.edu/CRAN/", type="MacBinary"), 
>dependencies=TRUE, installWithVers=TRUE)
>I download the package, but it is for R version 2.6 rather than the 
>current version 2.7.1.
>Is there anyway to either point R in the right direction for the 
>packages or have R install the correct version of the packages.
>Much appreciated,
>University of Washington
>Department of Medicinal Chemistry
>Seattle, WA 98195
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