[R] Bootstraping GAMs: confidence intervals

Luis Reino luisreino at isa.utl.pt
Thu Jul 24 12:55:42 CEST 2008

Dear R-Users,

I am trying to apply a bootstrap to a GAM in order to calculate the 95% 
confidence intervals for a smooth curve obtained by the “plot.gam” 
function of the mgcv package. Nonetheless, I am getting some 
difficulties in transposing the results for the graphs.
I used the following commands in R, “mgcv” and “boot” packages:

*> attach(bbvc_11Jul08)*

*> model.boot<-function(data,indices){*

*+ sub.data<-data[indices,]*


*+ coef(model)}*

*> gam.boot<-boot(bbvc_11Jul08,model.boot,R=1000)*

* > gam.boot*



boot(data = bbvc_11Jul08, statistic = model.boot, R = 1000)

Bootstrap Statistics :

original bias std. error

t1* 0.40370112 0.0002762674 0.02017378

t2* 0.04715501 -0.0144132280 0.07648348

t3* 0.14590936 -0.0135820501 0.05161244

t4* 0.13520098 -0.0096405733 0.04470793

I obtained 4 indexes in the “bootstrap” output. I know that for a lm 
function, with an independent variable, t1 is the index of the intercept 
and t2 is the index of the variable, but for GAMs I don't find what each 
indexes really mean!
Moreover, to calculate the confidence intervals of 95% I proceed as follows:

* >boot.ci(gam.boot,conf=0.95) *


Based on 1000 bootstrap replicates


boot.ci(boot.out = gam.boot, conf = 0.95)

Intervals :

Level Normal Basic Studentized

95% ( 0.3639, 0.4430 ) ( 0.3635, 0.4434 ) ( 0.3583, 0.4507 )

Level Percentile BCa

95% ( 0.3640, 0.4439 ) ( 0.3623, 0.4434 )

Calculations and Intervals on Original Scale

Warning message:

In sqrt(tv[, 2]) : NaNs produced

My first doubt is when I make "boot.ci", which of the four should I 
choose? By default, R calculates "index=1:min(2,length(boot.out$t0)" but 
I don't know if this is the correct form to do it.
Finally, I don’t know how to introduce the 95% confidence intervals in 
the "plot.gam".

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

Luís Reino


Luis Reino, PhD Student
Centro de Estudos Florestais
Departamento de Engenharia Florestal
Instituto Superior de Agronomia
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
1349-017 Lisboa

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