[R] Using RODBC to use SQL queries

Albin Blaschka albin.blaschka at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 15:44:11 CEST 2008

Megan J Bellamy schrieb:
 > After that I'd like to use the odbcQuery function and the SQL statement:
 > SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE SAMPLE_YEA LIKE "1965%"
 > According to the RODBC PDF, the odbcQuery command should accept any 
valid SQL statement. Is there something wrong with my syntax? I have 
tried a few things, like attaching the tables to the data frame but with 
no luck. According to the PDF, I should be able to use this argument:
 >> odbcQuery(channel, query, rows_at_time,=attr(channel, "rows_at_time"))
 > I have also tried to use arguments like:
 >> sqlColumns(channel, "SAMPLE_YEA")
 > but with no luck. Any help with this would be much appreciated! 
Thanks in advance,


which error message do you get, what does not work?

Just a blind guess:
Maybe the problem lies within the % - Sign? Try to double it -  ...LIKE 

Here an working RODBC - Example:

channel <- odbcConnect("myODBC", uid="myUser", case="tolower")
sql <- "select x,y,z from mytable"
myresult<- (sqlQuery(channel, sql))

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