[R] saving plot both as jpg and pdf

Monica Pisica pisicandru at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 22 15:50:25 CEST 2008


I want to save a plot automatically as a pdf and jpg, and if I open the pdf device first and jpeg second only the jpeg file saves correctly …. If I do reverse, only the pdf file saves correctly. 

pdf('E:/my_graphs/test1.pdf', bg = "white")
jpeg('E:/my_graphs/test1.jpg', quality = 100, bg = "white", res = 200, width = 7, height = 7, units = "in")
plot(seq(1, 10), seq(1, 10))

In this case the pdf is not saved correctly and cannot be viewed by Adobe – the error is "it has no pages". If the jpeg device is first open …. It will save an empty page. Of course I can open one device at a time have the plot saved and close that device, and open it again and do same thing, but I think I should be able to have the plot command only once. I am working on a Windows machine, R.2.7.0.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.





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