[R] Mclust - which cluster is each observation in?

Julian Burgos jmburgos at u.washington.edu
Mon Jul 21 19:44:04 CEST 2008

Well, you are dealing with probability based clustering, so for each 
bird you will get a probability of belonging to each cluster.  If your 
clusters are well defined, then each bird should have a very high 
probability of belonging to one of the clusters.  You can get this 
probability matrix from your mclust object.

For the iris dataset example,


This will give you the probability matrix


You can assign membership based on these probabilities (i.e. each bird 
belongs to the cluster with highest probability).  You can obtain this 
membership by doing


Hope this helps,


cnagy wrote:
> I'm trying to test a method of identifying individuals (birds) based on
> measured data (their calls).  
> I have test data from known individual birds, and I am using the Mclust
> package to see if the program can correctly identify which calls come from
> different birds.
> So far, mclust has correctly ID'd the number of birds in the test data set
> (i.e., the correct # of clusters).  However I also need to correctly assign
> each call to the right bird (i.e., data rows (calls) 1 - 10 are in cluster
> (bird) 1; rows 2 - 20 are in cluster 2, etc.).
> Is there a way to get mclust to show the cluster assignments of each
> observation?  
> Thank you

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