[R] R interprets symbol as q()

Roger Leenders r.t.a.j.leenders at rug.nl
Sun Jul 20 12:41:10 CEST 2008

R2.7.1, WinXP


My question is probably easy to answer, but I can't seem to solve it myself.
I need to read in a large number of datasets that were generated by 
another (old) software program. Each data file contains a bunch of 
additional code generated by the external software. It lists the data 
per respondent. So first the data for respondent 1, then the data for 
respondent 2, et cetera.
After the data for the final respondent, the file contains a , followed 
by some zeroes. R now needs to read the data until the  symbol. 
However, whenever it encounters the  symbol it interprets it as a quit 
command! So, rather than continuing, R wants to quit on me.
How can I make R see the  symbol as just a particular symbol and NOT as 
the command to q()?

Thanks, Roger

ps. I hope the symbol is readable in the various email programs

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