[R] wroung groupedData despite reading Bates and Pinheiro 3 times

hpdutra hpdutra at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 19 22:43:04 CEST 2008

Hi Milton, I tried this and it worked. 
But the block structure isn't right because when I try to plot this I still
get an error message
> plot(traps,outer=T)
I guess my question is should I try to fit a more simple grouped data
structure and leave the formula of my model to deal with it? 
All I want is to generate a 3 graphs, one for each block, with mice as the
response variable, time as the x axis and the different treatments as lines.
I know I can do that using lattice. But I want to run my model after that,
so I need to get the groupedData correct.

Thank you very much

Humberto Dutra



On 7/19/08, hpdutra <hpdutra at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone.  I am trying to add a formula to my data  using the
> groupedData
> function.
> So I tried to fit the following structure to my data.
> >
> traps<-groupedData(mice~tree|plotID,outer=~time*fruit*veget|block,data=trap)
> but time and block are still  considered to be numeric, while in fact they
> should be factor and ordered, respectively.
> > sapply(traps,data.class)
>     mice    plotID     veget     fruit      time     block      tree
> "numeric" "ordered"  "factor"  "factor" "numeric" "numeric" "numeric"
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