[R] Graphics not working for R in ubuntu

Michael Bibo michael_bibo at health.qld.gov.au
Sat Jul 19 11:43:29 CEST 2008

Nataraj <nataraj <at> biotech2.sastra.edu> writes:

> Dear list members,
> I have installed R in Ubuntu successfully but issuing
> command like R in terminal will able to see only the R
> working in command mode, the regular GUI which I use to
> have in my windows installation of R missing in linux..I am
> new to linux and so clueless how I can go about that and
> How I could enable it in linux? More, I never got any
> problem in configuration  and compilation processes while I
> was installing R in ubuntu.
>From your description, it sounds like R is working perfectly normally.  The
Windows GUI you are used to is exactly that: a GUI created specifically for
Windows.  A Linux installation does run in a terminal.  Tasks you are used to
having menu entries for, such as loading packages, can be accomplished with
their commands, ie. 'library()'.  Have you tried a simple plot command?  This
should automatically open the default graphics device (X11).  For a GUI under
Linux, you have a number of choices including (X)emacs+ESS; JGR; RKward; and, of
course, RCmdr.  See the 'R GUI Projects' page on your favourite CRAN site.

Hope this helps.

Michael Bibo
Queensland Health

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