[R] ubuntu and rgl package vs suse ?? static plots

H. Paul Benton hpbenton at scripps.edu
Thu Jul 17 20:54:14 CEST 2008

Hello all,

I've switched over my OS to ubuntu from Suse 10.3. In suse I was able to 
load up the 'rgl' library in R and then move my plots around after I had 
plotted them. Which I assumed was part of the openGL. However, since 
switching to ubuntu I am unable to 'move' my plot around, they are just 
static plots. :( I have done some things differently such as install R 
from the .tar.gz instead of rpm. The rgl package doens't complain when I 
install it. Is there something I'm overlooking? Same laptop same 
graphics card?



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