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Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz at comcast.net
Thu Jul 17 20:16:00 CEST 2008

on 07/17/2008 12:40 PM Mariana Carla Gambarotta wrote:
> Hi, everybody. Sorry to bring up the subject again but I have visited
> the revolution computing web page, but its not clear when or what
> will be the new release be. Does anybody have information about
> that?. Does anybody know if the version that will be released will be
> validated?. I have been reading the previous mails about validation
> and I work in a Pharma company and validation is a big concern. Thank
> you Mariana

Have you contacted them directly?


They will certainly be the only authoritative source to respond to your 

In the mean time, for R as it is made available by the R Foundation, you 
may wish to review the following document:



Marc Schwartz

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