[R] Can't compile in HPUX 11.31 on IA64

Jackson,Daniel dejackso at mdanderson.org
Mon Jul 14 15:38:31 CEST 2008

I'm trying to compile R,  not getting pass the configure step.

R version is 2.7.1 from source tarball.

Machine is HPUX 11.31, 32-CPUs of Itanium II.

Compilers are HPUX C, C++ and Fortran.
(B3910B A.06.15, May 2007)

My config string:
./configure --prefix=/apps/INTEL/R --enable-R-shlib CC=/opt/aCC/bin/cc CXX=/opt/aCC/bin/aCC FC=/opt/fortran90/bin/f90 --prefix=/apps/INTEL/R --enable-R-shlib CFLAGS=+z +DD64 CXXFLAGS=-b +z +DD64 FCFLAGS=+DD64 F77=f90 FFLAGS=+DD64 LDFLAGS=-L/usr/lib/hpux64 -L/opt/fortran90/lib LIBnn=lib --with-x=no --with-readline=no --with-iconv=no --without-jpeglib --without-libpng --without-system-bzlib --without-tcltk --without-system-pcre --without-system-zlib

It gets as far as "Checking for xmkmf ..no"
configure: WARNING: I could not determine CPICFLAGS

and then just says error, consult the docs for answers.

I'm using the HP compilers, with modern implementations of gcc there is no fortran compiler for the Itanium/HPUX architecure, is this a problem?

I have the config.log if anyone is interested.

Thanks in advance,

Dan Jackson
Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator
dejackso at mdanderson.org
office    713.745.0836
cell       832.277.6110
pager   7134041920 at archwireless.net

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