[R] GroupedData for three way randomized block. LME

hpdutra hpdutra at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 11 18:42:07 CEST 2008

I am trying to fit a formula to my data, but I just can't find the right way
to do it. 
My experiment consists of manipulating FRUITS and VEGETATION to two levels
each(intact or removed) on 12 experimental plots.
This leaves me with 4 treatment combinations
Fruit intact Vegetation removed
Fruit int.    Veget int.
Fruit rem.  Veget rem.
Fruit rem.  Veget. intac
those treatements are distributed accross 3 blocks. 
Plots were repeated surveyed for mice using 16 PLATES that recorded mice
TRACK prints on each block. 
I am trying to create a grouped data that incorporates the the fixed effects
of FRUIT VEGETATION TIME and random repeated measures for PLATE and random
effects for BLOCK
I tried this 
groupedData(track~fruit*veget*time, outer=plate|block)
Error in groupedData(track ~ fruit * veget * time, outer = plate | block) : 
  Right hand side of first argument must be a conditional expression
but obviously it did not work. I would appreciate any comments on this. I
looked at Pinheiro and Bates and they don't have an example of this.
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