[R] package segmented problem

Alan Kelly akelly at tcd.ie
Tue Jul 8 10:36:22 CEST 2008

Hi,  while using package "segmented" (version 0.2-4) by Vita Muggeo to  
investigate a possible change point (around time = 222) in admissions  
for a specific medical condition I had the following error message:

fit2.seg<-segmented(fit2, seg.Z=~time,psi=222)
Error in segmented.lm(fit2, seg.Z = ~time, psi = 222) :
   (Some) estimated psi out of its range

"fit2" is a simple lm fit to time.  I have used this package  
successfully for related analyses without this error.  Having tried  
many alternatives to "psi=222" but with the same error, I wondered if  
anyone can assist?
Many thanks,
Alan Kelly

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