[R] Relative Mortality Risk second part

Terry Therneau therneau at mayo.edu
Mon Jul 7 19:40:31 CEST 2008

> so, someone know where can I find the data.mgus dataset and the data.mgus?
> This data set are used in the :

> Robert A. Kyle, Terry M. Therneau, S. Vincent Rajkumar, Janice R. Offord,
> Dirk R. Larson, Matthew F. Plevak, and L. Joseph Melton III. A long-term
> study of prognosis in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance.
> New England J Medicine, 346:564?569, 2002.

 First, the only person who can give you permission to use this data is the 
principle investigator, Dr. Kyle.  To my knowlege, they have never been released 
publicly.  Second, release of the data without strict controls would violate 
both US and Minnesota privacy laws. 
 	Terry Therneau

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