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on 07/03/2008 09:21 AM John Kane wrote:
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>>>> For those attending useR! 2008 next month,
>> something to look forward to:
>> http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/show.php?content=84455
>>> THIS is a sunset over Dortmund:
>>> http://www.23hq.com/mBusolt/photo/2230816
>>> Deep in the west, where dust settles on the sun. Oh,
>> that's the neighbours.
>> LOL!  I think that is what it will look like from my hotel
>> room, which 
>> is near the Dortmund Hbf along Königswall.
>> :-)
>> Marc
> Lots of train fans would pay extra for a hotel with such a view

At the peril of taking this thread further astray, I agree, having been 
one in my youth growing up in and around New York City in the 60's and 
70's. My cousin had an extensive Lionel O gauge model set in his attic 
and I always aspired to having my own, though it never happened due to 
the lack of room.

I used to frequently travel into Manhattan via subway (lived in Queens 
at the time) and would spend hours at a model train hobby store in the 
mid-40's. Great place where you walked in downstairs below street level 
to find a wonderful collection of model trains and related items. I 
think I found it:


I fell in love with the Märklin brand German model trains 
(http://www.marklin.com/) and designed my "never to be" layout upon them.

Just found an article from 2003 that references it:


OK...enough reminiscing...back to work...  :-)



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