[R] conversion of data for use within barchart

Karin Lagesen karinlag at studmed.uio.no
Wed Jul 2 11:52:25 CEST 2008

I have a data matrix like this:

> data[1:10,]
   aaname grp   cluster count
1     Ala All Singleton   432
2     Arg All Singleton  1239
3     Asn All Singleton   396
4     Asp All Singleton   152
5     Cys All Singleton   206
6     Gln All Singleton   370
7     Glu All Singleton   211
8     Gly All Singleton   594
9     His All Singleton   213
10    Ile All Singleton    44

where the cluster column has three levels.

> levels(data$cluster)
[1] "Array"     "Singleton" "rRNA"     

Now, I would like to plot this like this:

barchart(aaname~count|grp, group = cluster, data = data, stack = TRUE)

I am thus using the cluster as the grouping.

I would like to plot the relative abundance within each grouping, such
that the max level in my plot always is one (or 100). This would for
instance mean for the Ala in the All grp that the Singleton cluster
consitute lets say 40% of the Ala in the All grp, wheras the Singleton
and rRNA makes up 20% each. In this case I would get in my plot a
Singleton stretching to 40%, whereas the other two would be 20% each,
all in all making 100%.

I am uncertain of whether I am managing to describe what I want, so I
hope somebody understands what I want!


Karin Lagesen, PhD student
karin.lagesen at medisin.uio.no

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