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Thu Sep 9 19:13:15 CEST 2021

On 09/09/2021 11:55 a.m., mario.corrado using croalliance.com wrote:
> Dear all
> Our IT has installed R on a Windows PC following the manual instruction.
> The installation was validated as in manual §3.3. "Testing an installation", by using the commands
> Sys.setenv(LC_COLLATE = "C", LANGUAGE = "en")
> library("tools")
> testInstalledBasic("both")
> testInstalledPackages(scope = "base", errorsAreFatal = FALSE)
> testInstalledPackages(scope = "recommended", errorsAreFatal = FALSE)
> All tests passed with the exception of this:
> Testing examples for package 'utils'
> Running specific tests for package 'utils'
>    Running 'charclass.R'
>    Running 'completion.R'
>    Running 'download.file.R'
>    Running 'Sweave-tst.R'
> Warning: testing 'utils' failed
> What can we do to track the reason of the failure?

The current working directory is the default output directory.  You will 
see a directory produced there containing the results of the tests. 
Look in it for filenames like "*.fail".

I just ran the tests just for utils, and it failed on the Sweave test, 
because it couldn't find pdflatex.  If that's the only failure you get, 
don't worry about it, just make sure that pdflatex can be found on the 
PATH when you actually need it.

Duncan Murdoch

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