[R] Windows installation failed testing

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Thu Sep 9 17:55:53 CEST 2021

Dear all

Our IT has installed R on a Windows PC following the manual instruction.
The installation was validated as in manual §3.3. "Testing an installation", by using the commands

Sys.setenv(LC_COLLATE = "C", LANGUAGE = "en")
testInstalledPackages(scope = "base", errorsAreFatal = FALSE)
testInstalledPackages(scope = "recommended", errorsAreFatal = FALSE)

All tests passed with the exception of this:

Testing examples for package 'utils'
Running specific tests for package 'utils'
  Running 'charclass.R'
  Running 'completion.R'
  Running 'download.file.R'
  Running 'Sweave-tst.R'
Warning: testing 'utils' failed

What can we do to track the reason of the failure?
Is this expected?
Any hint?



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