[R] Save creates huge files, dump doesn't

Lars Velten |@r@@ve|ten @end|ng |rom emb|@de
Mon Feb 18 20:51:11 CET 2019

Dear list,
I noticed an extremely odd behavior... I have a rather complex shiny app which allows the user to store his/her state which internally obviously triggers as call to save as follows
save(list=c("plots","gates","populations","cg", "genelists","colorscores",  "proj", "actds"),file=fname)
this was all working fine until some time ago (?!?) files created by this command became several hundred MBs big... even thought the cumulative size of all objects in memory after load() is in the 10s of kB. 
Changing to
dump(list=c("plots","gates","populations","cg", "genelists","colorscores",  "proj", "actds"),file=fname)
solved the problem, output was then only 10s of kB.
(Why/when) is this behavior intended?
Best wishes,

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