[R] creating a jpeg from xyplot with openbugs

Chris chris.barker at barkerstats.com
Thu Nov 5 23:30:51 CET 2015

 I'm using xyplot to plot MCMC results generated via R2openbugs and coda and trying to create jpeg outputs. the jpegs are blank
I can plot the MCMC object with xyplot at the command line
however, when I use a function to send the  plot to a jpeg (or to a bmp, or png or pdf) the file is created and the plot is blank
>>>>>example commands
cond.out10c <- bugs(data.cond, inits, params, model.file,codaPkg=TRUE, n.iter=50000)cond.out.coda10c <- read.bugs(cond.out10c) 
>>>>the following command displays the xyplotxyplot(cond.out.coda10c)
>>>>The following command creates a jpeg inside a function, but the jpeg is blankxysendit <- function(mcmcobj){jpeg(file="C:\\testplot.jpg")xyplot(mcmcobj)dev.off()}xysendit(cond.out.coda10c)

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