[R] R in UNIX OS

Eric Brown brown at fastmail.com
Tue Nov 3 22:35:49 CET 2015

Javier Villacampa González <javier.villacampa.gonzalez at gmail.com> 
> is possilbe to install R in a AIX OS Machine?
> Where can I found the download files?

Hi Javier,

I tried to install on AIX using xlc/xlf and the native stack, but 
it did
not work.  In the bowels of Google, there are some patches 
proposed for
the 2.x series, and I was unable to get them to work.

My recollection is that the Freeware for AIX (i.e. GNU stack) is 
old, and you would have a hard time getting newer versions of R to
compile with those due to version dependencies.

It's really tough to get GNU R to run, unless your machine happens 
to be
running GNU/Linux on Power.

Good luck,

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