[R] Package 'var' and standard errors for the impulse response coefficients?

Katja.Haavanlammi at bof.fi Katja.Haavanlammi at bof.fi
Tue Nov 3 13:46:30 CET 2015

Dear R-specialists,

I'm using package 'vars' and especially irf-command for a basic VAR-model. How can I compute standard errors for the received impulse response coefficients? I've read that one option could be bootstrapped standard errors but I cannot find any information how to perform that with R.

## For VAR
var.2c <- VAR(Canada, p = 2, type = "const")
irf.Canada <- irf(var.2c, impulse = "e", response = c("prod", "rw", "U"), boot = TRUE)
##Then I print the results:

Printing makes a list of responses and their lower and upper bounds. However, I'd also like to have the standard errors (or bootstrapped standard errors) for these response coefficients.
Thank you, in advance!

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