[R] Calculating Kendall's tau

Desta Yoseph desta_yo at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 31 18:08:56 CEST 2015

I am analyzing trend  using Mann-kendall  test for 31 independent sample, each sample  have 34 years dataset.  I supposed to find Kendall “tau” for each sample. The data is arranged in column wise (I attached  the data).To find Kendall tau, I wrote R script as:
     desta<-read.csv("rainfall.csv", header=T, sep=",")     require(Kendall)              MK<-function(y) {                 nc<-ncol(y)                 MannKendalltau<- numeric(nc)                 for(i in 2:nc){                          MannKendalltau[i]<-MannKendall(y[,i])           }            MannKendalltau    }    MK(desta)
The  displayed result showed  both “tau”  and “2-sided p-value”in unorganized way.  But, I want only “tau” value that is presented in organized  manner. Anyone can tell me how can I get orderly displayed  “tau” value? here is my sample result:      [[1]][1] 0
[[2]][1] 0.4352941attr(,"Csingle")[1] TRUE
[[3]][1] 0.5462185attr(,"Csingle")[1] TRUE
[[4]][1] 0.4218487attr(,"Csingle")[1] TRUE....Thank you for your guidance 

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