[R] MethComp exported object namespace error

Kylie Lange kylie.lange at adelaide.edu.au
Tue Mar 31 08:38:34 CEST 2015

Hi everyone,

I am using the MCmcmc function of the MethComp package and receive the following error:

Error: 'coda.samples' is not an exported object from 'namespace:coda'

I emailed the package author last week but haven't had a reply. I have installed JAGS 3.4.0 as required by MethComp. I am using  R 3.1.2 and the MethComp currently on CRAN (1.22.1). I am not a regular R user so haven't had any luck making sense of the error, though there are references to namespace in the package check results here: http://cran.itam.mx/web/checks/check_results_bxc_at_steno.dk.html#MethComp. Not sure if that's relevant.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Apologies if I haven't provided any required information.

The following shows my code and error (code taken from the package author's text 'Comparing Clinical Measurement Methods', Bendix Carstensen, section 7.5.3) :

>ox<- Meth(ox)
>m3<- MCmcmc(ox, IxR=TRUE, n.iter=50000)

Comparison of 2 methods, using 354 measurements on 61 items, with up to 3 replicate measurements, (replicate values are in the set: 1 2 3 ) 
( 2 * 61 * 3 = 366 ): 

No. items with measurements on each method:
Method    1   2   3 #Items #Obs: 354 Values:  min  med  max
  CO      1   4  56     61       177         22.2 78.6 93.5
  pulse   1   4  56     61       177         24.0 75.0 94.0

Simulation run of a model with 
- method by item and item by replicate interaction: 
- using 4 chains run for 50000 iterations (of which 25000 are burn-in), 
- monitoring every 25 values of the chain: 
- giving a posterior sample of 4000 observations.

Loading required package: coda
Linked to JAGS 3.4.0
Loaded modules: basemod,bugs
Initialization and burn-in:
Compiling model graph
   Resolving undeclared variables
   Allocating nodes
   Graph Size: 2868

Initializing model

  |++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++| 100%
Error: 'coda.samples' is not an exported object from 'namespace:coda'


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