[R] strip levels

Duncan Mackay dulcalma at bigpond.com
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also have a look at useOuterStrips in the latticeExtra package if you want
station x time conditioning

useOuterStrips(strip      = strip.custom(par.strip.text = list(cex = 0.75)),
               strip.left = strip.custom(horizontal = FALSE,
                            par.strip.text = list(cex = 0.75)),
useOuterStrips(strip      = strip.custom(factor.levels = ... ,
                                         par.strip.text = list(cex = 0.75)),
               strip.left = strip.custom(factor.levels =  ...,
                                         horizontal = FALSE,
                                         par.strip.text = par.strip.text =
list(cex = 0.75)),
) ## useOuterStrips

... = your code


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To whom it may help,

I am new to R.

I have been tring to have a lattice plot in two strip levels: 4 stations in
2 years.  

I type in:

histogram(~Raw.no10$Width|Raw.no10$Station*Raw.no10$Year, data=Raw.no10,
layout=c(4,2),nin=30,xlab="Prosomal Width (mm)",

The second level, i.e. Year, showed as "Raw.no10$Year" in the each of the
lattice plot, instead of its respective year, such as "2002" and "2014".

I changed to the following programme language, therefore:

histogram(~Raw.no10$Width|Raw.no10$Station*Raw.no10$Year, data=Raw.no10,
layout=c(4,2),nin=30,xlab="Prosomal Width (mm)",

in order to specify the variable names of the strip.

Instead of showing "Raw.no10$Year", each of the lattice plot states "2014"!
They should have 4 plots showing "2002" and another 4 showing "2014".

Could any one help indicating what has gone wrong?

I am really helpless and frustrated now.  T_T


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