[R] Solving equations

Mohan Radhakrishnan radhakrishnan.mohan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 10:54:52 CEST 2014

         I code R to parse data but not for solving equations. So this is
my first such problem. It is a programming puzzle.

I have these two equations.

1)    4x - 3w = 0
2)    8x - 7w =0

I know the value of x and w for

equation 1).  x = 3 and w = 4
equation 2).  x = 7 and w = 8

I also know how to write more equations based on data available in the

How do I solve a set of such equations ? I need to find out the values of x
and w for each such equation.

I know that here the equations are simple because the puzzle can be


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