[R] fuction to find outlier

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Mon Dec 29 20:39:52 CET 2014

Dear Pushpa Methekar,

This apparently uses the outlierTest() function in the car package. I'm
afraid that I find your code incomprehensible and there's not enough
information here to reproduce what you've done. You're looping over the
index i in 1:10, explicitly incrementing the loop index at the end of the
loop (which, thankfully, will have no effect), and doing the same things in
each iteration -- i.e., repeatedly executing several commands without
modification. All this seems terribly confused and not clearly related to
locating and dealing with outliers. 

Furthermore, it's not clear to me that what you propose is sensible -- to
delete outliers after performing statistical tests, in each case for a
single outlier, apparently mechanically and without investigating what's
going on in each case. It would probably be a good idea to consult a
competent statistician to help you decide how to proceed.

All that said, to answer your question directly, probably the easiest way to
remove an observation from a fitted model is to use update() with the subset
argument. For example model.1 <- update(model, subset = -6) would remove
case 6 from model and assign the result to model.1.


John Fox, Professor
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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> Hi all, I am stuck on outlier, while doing regression analysis. I done
> up to modelling ,I got lm model for each y and x.
> Now I want to find out outlier in that models. How do I find out outlier
> and remove them.
> for(i in 1:10){
> t1=print(outlierTest(fitted.modely1.temp.l ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1,
> order=TRUE))
> print(outlierTest(fitted.modely2.avg.pcp,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1,
> order=TRUE))
> outlierTest(fitted.modely3.bshc,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE )
> outlierTest(fitted.modely4.bsco ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE)
> outlierTest(fitted.modely5.gets ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE)
> outlierTest(fitted.modely6.gimep,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE )
> outlierTest(fitted.modely7.ts ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE)
> outlierTest(fitted.modely8.imp ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE)
> outlierTest(fitted.modely9.maf ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE)
> i<-i+1
> }
> fix(xsys)
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