[R] fuction to find outlier

Methekar, Pushpa (GE Transportation, Non-GE) pushpa.methekar at ge.com
Mon Dec 29 13:37:21 CET 2014

Hi all, I am stuck on outlier, while doing regression analysis. I done up to modelling ,I got lm model for each y and x.
Now I want to find out outlier in that models. How do I find out outlier and remove them.

for(i in 1:10){
t1=print(outlierTest(fitted.modely1.temp.l ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE))
print(outlierTest(fitted.modely2.avg.pcp,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE))
outlierTest(fitted.modely3.bshc,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE )

outlierTest(fitted.modely4.bsco ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE)

outlierTest(fitted.modely5.gets ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE)

outlierTest(fitted.modely6.gimep,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE )

outlierTest(fitted.modely7.ts ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE)

outlierTest(fitted.modely8.imp ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE)
outlierTest(fitted.modely9.maf ,cutoff=0.05, n.max=1, order=TRUE)

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