[R] R for a stats intro for undergrads in the US?

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Mon Nov 18 02:52:14 CET 2013

I would recommend it. I have no experience teaching statistics to
psychology students, but I have done a sequence of hands-on workshops
introducing R to a class of high school students who were engaged in a
three-year-long science research class. My presentations were not
discipline-specific, and we have just barely gotten into any real
statistical concepts so far. Mainly it was the nuts and bolts of how to
use base R; the advantages of writing and saving code over a
point-and-click interface, reproducible research and all; and a lot of
graphics. End of last session we just started to tackle the concepts of
sample versus population, and sampling variation.  I could share with
you my org file where I stored all the commands and notes, if it would
be of any use.

--Chris Ryan
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Binghamton, NY

Spencer Graves wrote:
> Hello, All:
>       Would anyone recommend R for an introductory statistics class for
> freshman psychology students in the US?  If yes, might there be any
> notes for such available?
>       I just checked r-projects.org and CRAN contributed documentation
> and found nothing.
>       I have a friend who teaches such a class, and wondered if R might
> be suitable.  The alternative is SPSS at $406 per student.
>       Thanks,
>       Spencer

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