[R] R for a stats intro for undergrads in the US?

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Googling "R for psychology students" I found this: 

and this:

The latter has links to many short courses and tutorials.

If you do end up using R, I find the following sites extremely helpful:
Quick-R <http://www.statmethods.net/> : (http://www.statmethods.net/)has a very intuitive layout with lots of really helpful
Cookbook for R <http://www.cookbook-r.com/> : (http://www.cookbook-r.com/) is organized around showing you how to do specific

Know that R is a command driven language, so no "point and click" really - you have to learn the commands which does make for a
learning curve. Still, most basic statistics and a lot of not so basic statistics can be generated with just a few commands. I would
also recommend having students install R-studio <http://www.rstudio.com/>  (http://www.rstudio.com/) in addition to R (there's
controversy about this - many people hate R-Studio). I find it very helpful in organizing work sessions, inspecting datasets,
locating files, etc. 

Good luck with it.

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Hello, All:

       Would anyone recommend R for an introductory statistics class for freshman psychology students in the US?  If yes, might
there be any notes for such available?

       I just checked r-projects.org and CRAN contributed documentation and found nothing.

       I have a friend who teaches such a class, and wondered if R might 
be suitable.  The alternative is SPSS at $406 per student.


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