[R] Opening R from Tinn without setting directory each time

Philippe Grosjean phgrosjean at sciviews.org
Wed Aug 6 12:25:36 CEST 2008

Paul Chatfield wrote:
> Hi - someone has just e-mailed me direct with the answer which it'd be
> helpful to paste just so future users who have the same issue can see.  Just
> follow the advice below and it works perfectly.
> Open a command window (Run;cmd) and cd to the bin directory of your R
> installation (cd C:/Program Files....).  Run the program RSetReg.exe and
> that's it, Tinn-R should be able to start R.  When you update R repeat the
> process.

This shouldn't be needed if you activate the option to register the 
installed/upgraded version of R in the registry (somewhere at the end of 
  the installer's questions).

Philippe Grosjean

> Paul Chatfield wrote:
>> Hi - I can access R from Tinn-R by going to Options->Main->Application/R
>> and setting the search path, but each time I exit Tinn-R I have to
>> redefine the search path.  Is there no way of fixing that directory as
>> default?  I have installed R under its default directory C:/Program
>> Files/R/R-2.7.1 and Tinn under a variety of different places to try to
>> rectify the problem though currently under C:/Program Files/Tinn-R.  Any
>> ideas what I'm missing?
>> Thanks
>> Paul

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