[R] script fails because of library loading

Muiser, EC e.c.muiser at st.hanze.nl
Tue Nov 13 14:49:19 CET 2007

Thank you very much Alberto! Atleast I can see there is an error now.
The error however is strange. If I load the library in an R console it works perfectly but the package seems not to exist if I run R from a script. The library should be there.
Error in library(tgp) : there is no package called 'tgp'
Execution halted
more suggestions?
Iwe Muiser
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Hanze Hogeschool Groningen
The Netherlands
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Emne: Re: [R] script fails because of library loading

Muiser, EC wrote:
> The php script executes the following command: "/usr/bin/R --quiet --
> slave < /perl/outfiles/Rscript19785065.R
> /perl/outfiles/error19785065.txt"

> Also there is no errorlog (in
> "/perl/outfiles/error19785065.txt")

This part is easy: the error output should go to 2> and not to >,
like this:

"/usr/bin/R --quiet --slave < /perl/outfiles/Rscript19785065.R
 > /perl/outfiles/error19785065.txt 2> error.log"

Alberto Monteiro

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