[R] Re-sizing R graphics for Sweave

Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
Wed May 16 23:14:53 CEST 2007


That did it! Thank you so much for your help…


Marc Schwartz wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-05-16 at 16:34 -0400, Thomas Adams wrote:
>> I am generating a single graphic containing about 31 Boxplots; the issue 
>> I am having is that not all the labels (3 characters each) are shown. 
>> Interactively, within a R session, I can simply re-size the graphics 
>> window and all the labels appear. But, what can I do non-interactively 
>> to have all the labels displayed when using Sweave? Can the labels be 
>> rotated 90-degrees; would this help? I guess one possibility would be to 
>> number the boxplots, but this may not help either. My thought would be 
>> to force the graphic to be a certain width, but I can't find how to do this.
>> I have searched and can not find a way to do this automatically — I 
>> could not find anything in the "R Graphics" book by Paul Murrell that 
>> pointed me in the right direction either.
>> Thank you,
>> Tom
> Presuming that you are using a 'figure' chunk in your .Rnw file, you can
> use:
>   <<fig=TRUE,height=8,width=6.5>>=
>      Your R code here...
>   @
> which will define the dimensions of your plot output file as 8 x 6.5.
> Adjust these as you require.
> See ?RweaveLatex
> You may also need to adjust the size of the titles, etc. in the plots,
> which you can do with the various 'cex' family of parameters. See ?par
> for more information there.
> HTH,
> Marc Schwartz

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