[R] Problem installing rgdal from source -- Makevars issue

Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
Mon May 22 20:27:36 CEST 2006


I have installed R, contributed packages, and supporting libraries in a 
non-standard location (but under the same sub-directory tree). This was 
necessary for systems reasons beyond my control. When I attempt to use 
Makevars (as shown below) to install rgdal from source, I get the 
following error:

R CMD INSTALL rgdal_0.4-3.tar.gz
checking proj_api.h usability... no
checking proj_api.h presence... no
checking for proj_api.h... no
libproj.a and proj_api.h not found in standard search locations,
edit src/Makevars manually, adding -I<directory with proj_api.h>
to PKG_CPPFLAGS = , and -L<directory with libproj.a> to PKG_LIBS =
ERROR: configuration failed for package 'rgdal'
** Removing '/awips/rep/lx/local_apps/R/lib/R/library/rgdal'
** Restoring previous '/awips/rep/lx/local_apps/R/lib/R/library/rgdal'

I get this error regardless of where I put the Makevars file: 
$HOME/.R/Makevars, in the local build directory, or in the rgdal source 
directory src/Makevars runing ./configure

My Makevars contains this:

PKG_CPPFLAGS = -I/awips/rep/lx/local_apps/proj4/include
PKG_LIBS = -L/awips/rep/lx/local_apps/proj4/lib

I have also tried using the file name: Makevars and 

I'm sure I am doing *something* wrong; any suggestions?


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