[R] How can you buy R?

H. Skaug hskaug at gmail.com
Mon May 22 19:47:36 CEST 2006

About glmmADMB and GPL:

We were not very cautious when we put in the GPL statement.
What we wanted to say was that the use of glmmADMB is free, and
does not require a license for AD Model Builder.

Am I correct in interpreting this discussion so that all
we have to do is to remove the "License: GPL" statement
from the DESCRIPTION file (and everywhere else it may occur),
and there will be no conflict between glmmADMB and the
rules of the R community?

We have temporarily withdrawn glmmADMB until this question has been


> Brian Ripley wrote:
>The issue in the glmmADMB example is not if they were required to release
>it under GPL (my reading from the GPL FAQ is that they probably were not,
>given that communication is between processes and the R code is

>Rather, it is stated to be under GPL _but_ there is no source code offer
>for the executables (and the GPL FAQ says that for anonymous FTP it should
>be downloadable via the same site, and the principles apply equally to
>HTTP sites).  As the executables are not for my normal OS and I would like
>to exercise my freedom to try the GPLed code, I have requested the sources
>from the package maintainer.

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