[R] Having a go at Rpad

vittorio vdemart1 at tin.it
Sat Jun 17 19:06:55 CEST 2006

Context: FreeBSD 6.1on a pentium 4; apache 2 server up & running; mod_perl 
installed; java & php 4 working.

Willing to use Rpad on an office intranet, I installed the Rpad package 
(R2HTML was still there) and carefully read the instructions to set up a 

Now,  on the server I can start the http://localhost/Rpad homepage, I can 
click on and browse the three examples ("General Example", "Data Input 
Example" & "GUI example"), BUT ....
whenever I click on the "calculate" button in those example pages the 
underlying perl programs are browsed, listed  and nothing seems to happen.

Please help to straigthen my Rpad installation up


P.S. By the way those perl progs seems to point to a /var/www/Rpad directory. 
That's why I installed the ../basehtml dir under that directory and symlinked 
it to unix usual web dir :/usr/local/www/Rpad

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