[R] Decimal point as a comma in postcript and pdf graphics

Peter Dalgaard p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Wed Mar 9 15:18:31 CET 2005

Ronny Klein <ronny.klein at wiwi.uni-halle.de> writes:

> Hi,
> after a lengthy but unsuccessfull search I couldn't come up with a solution to 
> the following problem:
> I would like to have a "comma" instead of a "point" as the decimal point in my 
> graphics, i.e. postscript and pdf files, for I write my thesis in German. My 
> system is:
> OS: Debian Unstable
> R-Version:  2.0.1
> System locale: de_DE at euro
> Could someone, please, help me out or at least point me to the right 
> documentation. I'm just lost at the moment.

We don't have a way of formatting numbers according to LC_NUMERIC, as
far as I know. This leaves it to you to set up axes etc. to your
liking, e.g.

 x <- rnorm(100,,.2)
 p <- pretty(x)
 axis(1, at=p, labels=sub("\\.", ",", p))

(and possibly throw in xlim=range(p) on the hist() call. Or use
axTicks(), which is probably a better idea.)

> Ronny
> PS: The problem of displaying the German umlauts, I have already solved: I 
> have to use the WinAnsi.enc as the default encoding file. Which is odd in my 
> opinion.

This should improve in 2.1.0 (or at least be broken in new and
interesting ways) due to support for UTF-8 encodings.

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