[R] Re: datalist

John Zhang jzhang at jimmy.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 14 16:11:15 CEST 2004


The following is a cut/paste from http://developer.r-project.org/200update.txt:


3) When a package is installed, all the data sets are loaded to see
   what they produce.  If this is undesirable (because they are
   enormous, or depend on other packages that need to be installed
   later, ...), add a `datalist' file to the data subdirectory as
   described in `Writing R Extensions'.


I only saw a mentioning of 00Index in the description about the data 
subdirectory in Writing R Extensions/Package Subdirectories. Could someone point 
me to the right place or tell me what a 'datalist' file is supposed to be? 



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