[R] overwriting a line in existing .csv file with new data

Marco Bianchi mbianchi at thamesriver.co.uk
Tue Sep 14 15:08:25 CEST 2004

Dear R-users,

I have a data matrix with 20 rows and 10 columns which is stored in the hard drive as .csv file called c:\DataFile.csv and a 10 elements vector called xVec.

I would like to be able to copy and paste the information contained in xVec into (say) the 2nd row of DataFile.csv

Obviously, one way of doing this would be to read the matrix using read.csv() command, implement the copy and paste manipulation and save the new matrix again using write.table(). However, has anyone used an alternative method which does not require use of the read.csv() command?

Marco Bianchi

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