[R] A language technical question.

Johan Lindberg johanl at kiev.biotech.kth.se
Thu Jan 15 14:35:36 CET 2004

If I have 100 objekts in a folder and I prefer not to load them manually I 
wonder how I do this in R if using a for-loop.

I was thinking initially to do something like this:

infiles <- dir(pattern=".RData")
for(i in length(infiles))
         paste("kalle", i, sep="") <- saveLoadReference

But the line """paste("kalle", i, sep="")""" does not do it for me. I get 
the error message "Error: Target of assignment expands to non-language object"

The thing that I do not master is how to create a name in a for-loop that I 
can assign something to. And I want to be able to change that name as the 
loop goes on. I want to create in this case

and they should all represent the objects that I opened with load(infiles[i])

Best regards

/ Johan

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