[R] Sjava question on MacOS 10.3

Sean Davis sdavis2 at mail.nih.gov
Thu Jan 15 14:27:53 CET 2004

I am running R-1.81, apple's JVM installed with OS 10.3.2, and installed
Sjava-0.65.X (a patched version of Sjava for MacOS from Simon Urbanek, which
I know is inherently dangerous, but...).  This version installed fine and
some aspects seem to work as expected.  However, this is one of the examples
and causes R to hang.  Any insights?  What other information should I
provide to make it easier to answer this question?  Finally, is there a
stable version of Sjava for the MacOS 10.3 that I should be using? (See

Sean Davis, M.D., Ph.D.

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> options(STERM='iESS', editor='emacsclient')
> library(SJava)
Warning message: 
The Java machine is no longer initialized automatically. You must explicitly
load it in: firstlib(which.lib.loc, package)
> .JavaInit()
> JavaConfig()
Error: couldn't find function "JavaConfig"
> javaConfig()
[2] "/Users/sdavis/R-1.81/lib/R/library/SJava/org/.."
[3] "/Users/sdavis/R-1.81/lib/R/library/SJava/org/omegahat/Jars/antlr.jar"
[4] "/Users/sdavis/R-1.81/lib/R/library/SJava/org/omegahat/Jars/jas.jar"
[5] "/Users/sdavis/R-1.81/lib/R/library/SJava/org/omegahat/Jars/jhall.jar"


[1] "/Users/sdavis/R-1.81/lib/R/library/SJava/libs"

> .Java("Math","sin","PI")
[1] "1"

[1] "org.omegahat.Environment.Language.StaticMethodAlias"

[1] "AnonymousOmegahatReference"
> .Java("Math","sin",3.141592654)
[1] -4.102069e-10
> f <- .JavaConstructor("JFrame")

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