[R] Fourth R Mailing List : "R-packages"

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Mon Sep 15 17:07:09 CEST 2003

We (mainly the R core team) have been discussing the creation of another
R mailing list, with the goal to fill the gap between

   R-help	 very high volume, with its great merits, but....


   R-announce	 only for R important announcements (mostly R-core)
		 hence __MODERATED__ and *very* low volume, and hence 
		 highly recommended for almost all users of R.
		 *** all messages are forwarded to R-help ***

In the past, several CRAN package authors have rightly felt that
they would like the announcement of a major update of a package
be a bit more prominent than the flood of messages on R-help but
(most of the time) they still weren't supposed nor granted to
use R-announce for this. This has been one main motivation for
this new mailing list:

  R-packages  	o  all messages forwarded to R-help
  	        o  moderated (i.e. not accepting posts by anyone),
                   but CRAN package authors (and others,
		   similarly qualified) can freely post without
		   moderator interaction {unless there's abuse}.

The corresponding (new) web page,
now has

  TITLE:	     R Packages & Extensions Announcements


     A moderated board for announcements about contributed R packages
     and similar R project extensions.

     All messages are forwarded to R-help automatically, so please do
     not subscribe to this list if you are subscribed to R-help.

     For major announcements on the R project, see the R-announce
     mailing list, instead.

And R-project.org's "Mailing Lists" web page will describe it
from tomorrow as

>> R-packages
>>     This list is for announcements as well, usually on the
>>     availability of new or enhanced contributed packages (on CRAN, typically).
>>     Note that the list is moderated. However, CRAN package
>>     authors (and others, similarly qualified) can freely post.
>>     As with R-announce, all messages to R-packages are
>>     automatically forwarded to the main R-help mailing list;
>>     hence you should only subscribe to R-packages if you do not
>>     to R-help.
>>     Use the web interface for information, subscription, archives, etc.

Amount of mail to expect:  Of course, we don't know yet, but
       I'd expect to see only a few messages per week.

Finally, just re-iterating the obvious: 

 o	This is *NOT* a list for discussion, just announcements of extensions to R.

 o	Do only subscribe if you are *NOT* subscribed to R-help,
	(but then, strongly consider doing it)!
For more info, subscription, etc, please use the URL above

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