[R] Persp and color

Mark Marques mmarques at power.inescn.pt
Mon Sep 15 18:01:47 CEST 2003

How can I control de "wrap-around" color behaviour in the persp
function ?
I am using something like :
persp(bb[1:100,2:97], col= rainbow(8,start=0.1, end=0.8)))

Depending on the rainbow length value I get several "wrap-around" blocks of
the selected color range...something that I wanted to avoid...
My idea is to use the color in order to make a separation from a
certain "height" .
Where can I find how are the colors ordered ? or can I control the
color order ?

THanks in advance
Marco Marques

 mailto:mmarques at power.inescn.pt

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