[R] graphic of hierachical clustering

Martin Olivier martinol at ensam.inra.fr
Mon Sep 8 12:56:50 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I would like to save the dendrogram of a hierarchical clustering.
Let reshc the result of the fucntion hclust(). To save the dendrogram,
I can use the function postscript:

plot(as.dendrogram(reshc),horiz=T,ylab="",main=" ")

Using the functions plot and as.dendrogram, it is possible to obtain an 
horizontal tree with option horiz=T.
The problem is there is a box around the tree...this box looks like the 
result of the function box() and it is possible
 to delete it with box(col="white"). But when I convert the postscript 
file in gif or tiff file, this box  is not deleted.

Could you explain me why this box appear after the conversion of my 
postscript file and a solution
to delete this box in a gif or tiff format? (I know I can use 
plot(reshc) but the tree is vertical   in this case)



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