[R] X11 not available

Jose Quesada quesadaj at psych.colorado.edu
Mon Sep 8 03:18:47 CEST 2003

On Sat, 06 Sep 2003 20:44:25 -0500, Marc Schwartz 
<MSchwartz at MedAnalytics.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 2003-09-06 at 17:52, Jose Quesada wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> After compiling R-1.7.1 on a P4 running a default install of redHat 9
>> (which of course has X11), I get the following error:
>> > x11()
>> Error in x11() : X11 is not available
>> This is surprising, because in ./configure I gave:
>> ./configure \
>> --enable-R-shlib \
>> --with-x \
>> --with-lapack \
>> --with-gnome
>> Any idea why this is happening? It also occurs if i install the rpm from
>> CRAN...
>> Thanks a lot in advance,
>> -Jose
> Jose,
> Make sure that you have installed the XFree86 Development RPM from the
> RH CDs.
> Open a console and type:
> rpm -qa | grep XFree86-devel
> You should get:
> XFree86-devel-4.3.0-2
> If you do not, you will need to install the XFree86 development RPM from
> the RH CD's or remove the version of R you compiled and re-install using
> the pre-compiled RPM that Martyn has on CRAN.
> In order to compile the application from source, you need the 'devel'
> libraries and headers installed on your system.
> HTH,
> Marc Schwartz

Thanks Marc,

That worked fine. A bunch of dependencies were detected when trying to 
install XFree86-devel-4.3.0-2. I tried to solve them, and installed some 
newer versions exisiting libraries, concretely:

Some dependencies were recursive (A needed B installed, B needed A to be 
installed), so I had to run rpm --nodeps (which is not a good practice). 
After an uninstall and reinstall fest, I have R working with Xwindows... 
but no other program can find X anymore :|. I still prefer that to having 
R with no X11, but if you have any advice to reinstall the newer XFree 
+ devel libraries in a clean way, without breaking dependencies, please 
let me know!

Thanks a lot again,

Jose Quesada, PhD.

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